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Question: Am I Wasting My Time--When is it time to let go??
Answer: Vic vaporru is a classic to cure everything Everyone seems to use text messages and emails to communicate to each other these days. Love letters are keepsakes that can be held, reread and cherished. They are the perfect gift for someone you love.
Question: Is my professor attracted to me?
Answer: Did the Brazilian Portuguese read from Google translator? She didn't sound AT ALL like Portuguese. And That's coming from a Brazilian. Whether you want to profess your love to someone special, or you want to re-affirm your love to your significant other, words are a massively powerful tool.
Question: Why is my penis getting smaller?
Answer: This actress is really beautiful! I'm not sure I like the games Greek women play but I can use the physical contact. I can tell that the Arab influence over the years has shaped Greek culture, especially their mannerisms (I'm not being critical by the way). Their attitude is very similar to that of people from the Iberian peninsula and Latin America. I've been waiting to say all this to you—and even more—for a long time.
Question: When an FWB thing ends, can you be friends?
Answer: We wash many times in a day because here is a tropical country. If we dont do it, we stink like we didnt washed in a year. Love letters are one trusted way of communication between lovers.
Question: How long do you wait for a spark?
Answer: Seems like a great woman type :P Love letters are very confusing subjects as it might not turn out very expressive if not written and presented in a proper manner.
Question: Another Person But Yet Available?
Answer: That's a funny video. Funny and nice. : But I think, the girl is Ukranian. Am I right? No matter what the occasion is, a woman is always happy when she receives a letter from her man.
Question: I thought we were over, is he making me jealous?
Answer: Hahahaha. I laughed the whole video. So funny.

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Question: How to deal with sex issues in a steady relationship?
Answer: Russian and French are such beautiful languages

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Question: Do relationships start when you least expect it?
Answer: I was listening to panda too. xD

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Question: How to get things "started"?
Answer: And lastly, do not interrupt us wen we are watching Football,we love the sport so so so so much,but funny enough,there are very few Nigeria women that love Football

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Question: My ex texted my mum??
Answer: First guy was so sexy

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Question: Hey! women what do you think about virgin guys?
Answer: Ma il tizio del video sembrava ossessivo e maniaco. la passione dove l'avete trovata

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Question: When does love turn to obsession?!
Answer: I dated a Bristol girl for awhile. Beautiful girl, lovely accent, her dad was a German arse so.oh well.

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Question: Which woman would be considered marriage Material?
Answer: Can somebody tell me what is the Japanese song at 24?

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Question: What's wrong with me?
Answer: However I have also come to realize that he also likes to have many woman and the lack of monogamy was a disappointment to me at first but now I see it as a trade off lol!

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Question: How to tell my female friend to cool it?
Answer: I'm italian, I've been throught that and I must agree with most of this video, but, my ex girlfriend (german luckily for me, wasn't so in time when she had to pick me up in the airport and she used to be late, so I felt like home : But it's an extraordinary experience, I've learned so much out of it and we both have taken things from the other

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